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March Madness NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Bracket Challenge!

Here is the BRACKET! Here are the rules:

-$5 for each bracket entered.
-Money will be collected during the tournament.
-Fill out your bracket and select your champion.
-1 point is awarded for each correct pick.
-2 points are awarded if you pick an upset based on seedings.
-After picking your bracket write your name and phone # on it!
-Send your bracket to Tim Keane at Station 3, or scan it and email it to TKeane@iaff3756.org
-The contestant that has the most points wins 50% of the total proceeds raised!
-Tiebreaker goes to the person that picks the correct champion.
-Money will be divided between winners if there is still a tie after the champion is determined!
-If you enter a bracket as a crew, state the station/shift and contact person!
-Brackets must be sent before the start of the Second Round which starts following the "First Four" Play in.

Lets raise money for our Hardship Fund! We're supporting each other for a great cause, have some fun doing it!

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March General Membership Meeting- Thursday March 12

Reminder: The March General Membership Meeting is Thursday March 12 @ The Greene Turtle in Leesburg. Start time is 7:00pm!

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RC30 Continues Strong Tradition of 100% Membership

Secretary/ Treasurer Tim Keane met with members of Recruit Class 30 on Wednesday February 25 to discuss the benefits and brotherhood of joining Local 3756. RC30 continued our tradition of having 100% of RC30's class join our Local! Congratulations to all of them for their commitment to making LCFR a better department! Graduation is on March 6th, we hope everyone can support them as they close out this portion of their career!

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2015 Local 3756 Board of Directors

President: Rob Leeper- Station 13
Vice-President: Dillon Huss- Station 9
Secretary/Treasurer: Tim Keane- Station 3
Joe Sullivan -Retired
Max Walsh- Station 11
Jeremy Mader- Station 6
Barry Smith- Station 4
Jasen Dodson- Station 12
John Myers- Station 11
Jason Burns- Station 19
Jeff Dunn- Station 19

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General Membership Meeting Minutes and Election Results for November 2014 Now Available

The Election Results and Meeting Minutes for the November 2014 Session are now available in the Members Area!

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Recruit Class 29 Gets off on the Right Foot!

As recruit class 29 wraps up their last few days before graduation, they welcomed Board Members from Local 3756 for the Local's presentation and invitation to join the IAFF Brotherhood. President Leeper, Secretary Keane, and Director Dillon Huss spent the afternoon with the upcoming graduates orientating them to the Local. We are proud to announce that ALL 24 recruits signed applications to join the Local. A 100% membership from this class is the first in a long time according to President Leeper! We're proud to have them aboard and look forward to seeing them graduate and become part of the brotherhood! Congratulations to Class 29! Graduation is this Friday, 2/21! We hope you can show your support for Class 29 and join them for graduation ceremonies!

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Garage Fire-Leesburg

On Monday, June 3, 2013 box alarm 01-17 was alerted bringing in a working fire to “The Big House’s” first due at 0708 hrs. E601 and T620 arrived at 809 Bellview Ct. to find a single family dwelling with fire showing from an attached garage. The units forced entry and made quick work of a small garage fire. OPS 600 was the first arriving Chief Officer and had the Bellview Command. Other units arrived and took their NOVA assignments. The box was scaled back with the first hour and had the remained of the unit in service shortly after.

Units on the Box: E601, E622, E610, E605, T620, TL606, R613, M6133, BC601, BC602, OPS 600, EMS601, SO600, and FM611.

Additional units: E606, TL602, M6134, FM600,

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Busy times in Leesburg!


“The Big House” is holding true to its name for the career staff on A shift! The past week has provided daily excitement for the crew.

On Thursday, May 30, 2013 box alarm 22-03 was alerted at 18992 Castleguard Ct at 1155 hrs. E622 was out of position on the east side of their first due allowing E601 to become the first due engine. A column of smoke was visible from the ramp of many fire stations, including “The Big House”. T620 was the first unit to arrive and report a 2 story single family with fire from side Charlie. T620 further investigated to find 2 a story in the front, 3 story in the rear with a walk basement with the Charlie side well involved in fire. The crew noted immediate exposure problems and confirmed with the home owner that everyone was out of the home. E601 arrived and Co. 20’s crews went to work on a defensive attack from the bravo/charlie corner with a blitz fire. Engine and Tower 606 arrived soon after and also deployed various hand and master stream lines. Other units arrived and assumed their normal NOVA dispatched rolls.

BC602 had the command and crews operated until approx. 1845 hrs performing overhaul and salvage operations. Despite efforts of personnel on the scene the structure and contents were a total loss for the unfortunate family. Multiple firefighters were transported for various reasons and all released shortly after with minor injuries/illnesses.

Units on the Box: E601, E606, E622, E623, E618, T620, TL606, R613, M6062, BC601, BC602, SO600, EMS601 and FM611

Additional Units: E605, TL611, AB623, BC620, OPS600, BC603, A6251, T606, FM613, EMS600, BC615, M698, M6134, M6221, CU613, M6133, and FM603




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HazMat 619 Team Members train with Washington Gas

Over the past few weeks Fire Station 619 HazMat Team members have rotated through gas prop training with Washington Gas. The crews operated in their “Pipetown” training facility running hose lines to control valves, practiced protecting exposures and reviewed other types of gas leaks. The training coordinators discussed low and high pressure lines, commercial and residential meters, and provided advice for fire department responses. The staff would like to thank Washington Gas for hosting the training and BC Mike Johnson for setting up the schedule.
Brother Paul Musser
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